Holy theatrical blogsites!

Another blog-baby so cigars all round – I can’t take full responsibility for this one though, Noël clearly just needed a gentle push in the right direction.

So the production journal for Holy Ghost is up and running, and taking comments. The hope is that this will be a full company affair with contributions from as many people as possible. You’ll be glad to hear that there are RSS feeds both for entries and for comments. They know their RSS from their elbow down in the Carolinas, I can tell you.

Forget the blog for a minute and read the synopsis of the show:

“Set in Lowcountry South Carolina, this remarkable new play brings together a Nazi prisoner of war, American soldiers and Gullah sea islanders during World War II. Trustus Playwright-in-Residence Tuttle brings to life an incredibly relevant story. Be among the first to see a future American classic!”

Attendance at at least one performance is mandatory for all Perfect Path readers to the South and East of Nashville, though readers deep in the Florida panhandle may be excused under exceptional circumstances, such as a poorly leg, a bad cold or hurricane-induced homelessness. Residents of elsewhere in the United States are encouraged to holiday in Columbia, SC this year (right now, I hear it’s 100°F and 100% humidity… so goodness knows what it’ll be like in mid-August!)

While you’re waiting for the next instalment, you may marvel at the power of my mighty googlejuice whether using the British or the American spelling. Mwah hah!

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