Another bunch of bombs

Two weeks after the last lot, the tube network was at standstill again because of explosions. Thank goodness they were smaller and relatively insignificant. Still enough to seriously put the wind up you if you were involved.

Here’s just hoping that this isn’t going to be a repeat of the IRA tactics when they found the way to bring London to a halt just about every week. That’s going to get really boring.


3 thoughts on “Another bunch of bombs”

  1. Thank you, Bill, and thanks to everyone else ‘over there’ who has been in touch again in other ways. It means a lot to me that you’ve taken the time to just say “Hi, we’re thinking of you”

  2. I was deeply saddened to find that “they” had tried it on again. At least this time their technical abilities shined through and no one was majorly injured–well, until someone was shot this morning, that is. All the best to you, yours and all Londoner’s–Give’m Hell Lloyd.

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