Ugliest Dog ever

I wouldn’t normally be interested in dog sites, especialy ugly dogs. Personally, I aspire to having a cat blog, perhaps one like Gia’s.

But there’s a special reason for linking to The Ugliest Dog in the world (WARNING: link is nsfgosm – not safe for granny or small children), and it involves an upcoming talk called Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts & RSS – what do they have to do with your future?

Darn. I was going to use that title (the talk one, not “World’s Ugliest Dog”)

Shut up.

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5 thoughts on “Ugliest Dog ever”

  1. That is one uuuuuuugly pooch. Can’t tell if it’s walking forward, or backwards. Obviously left in the back car window for too long on a hot summer day. . . . .It, like you, must remember to stay out of the noonday sun. . . .

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  3. heehee – I thought I’d give you three links though so that my readers could decide for themselves. Over to you guys – oi, wake up, both of you!

  4. (I’m writing this with my cat sitting on my chest with me peering around him in order to see the screen)… I hate cats. I really, honestly do. I have severe cat allergies and I think cats are twats. I hate how they walk on everything moments after being in their litter box. I hate how they scratch things up. I just hate them generally. I am a DOG person… but I don’t have the lifestyle for a dog. I found this one breed of cat that I’m not allergic to and the breed happens to be very different from other cats… he’s more like a dog in a cat’s body. He even plays ‘fetch’. Seriously… and now, damn it, I actually *like* the thing…


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