Yes, I was young once too y’know!

stud01 stud02

“Ha ha ha ha, oh god, put them away you’re so sad”. That’s the reaction these get from my kids, so I thought I’d share them with a wider, more mature audience.

Yes, folks this is Mr Perfect Path twenty-one years ago, just having left home and disappeared off to the Guildford School of Acting. That haircut was the one after the Phil Oakey comb-over effort and before the standard actor’s short back and sides. Yes that’s a collarless grandad shirt, and yes that’s a grubby gabardine mac with shoplifters pockets, ideal for threatening all and sundry with impromptu acts of indecent exposure. Ahh the cheap nights at Cinderella Rockerfellas that that NUS card got me into.

A note to younger readers: If you’re under 21 (ie you weren’t born when these were taken) I really don’t want to know, OK? Just leave me in blissful ignorance that I’m old enough to be your father.

A note to older readers: Point me (and the rest of the Perfect Path gang) to pictures of you at that time, the more gorgeous the mullets or bubble perms, the better – bonus points for Buggles-style specs.