Happy Birthday Perfect Path

photo by amatern on flickr.comToday marks the first anniversary of the inaugural posting on Perfect Path. And though I know one shouldn’t anthropomorphise blogs (it really freaks them out apparently, well the more sensitive ones anyway) I think it’s worth celebrating. It feels kind of strange – it took me a while to find my voice I think, but now it feels like home and I’m glad to have had this place to reflect on how Perfect Path Consulting has grown and I’ve grown with it.

Soon after starting this blog, I went along to Blogwalk IV and then KM Europe where I met so many of the people who’ve been part of my mental landscape this year. I had the opportunity to see what it was like to work full-time on projects and not blog about it but also times when I’ve been able to be completely open about what I’m doing or thinking. This has also been the place where I became one of the UK’s first (and arguably among the best) podcasters – I say arguably because whenever I say I’m among the best people argue with me! I’ve videoblogged once and no doubt will do it again. And my wiki provided me with an entry into the glamourous world of event management.

I’m also now on the brink of doing some exciting and entirely blog-centric work where before it was a small part of what I was doing, but trying to encourage people to use. Now most people I meet know what a blog is and are interested in how they might use them, rather than how they might avoid using them.

So happy birthday Perfect Path and many happy returns of the day!


Photo note: the chaps in this photo have nothing to do with me – I assume that they are friends of amatern, but it was the funniest picture I could find on Flickr with the tag birthday and a CC attribution licence.

Gotta get my old tuxedo pressed,

Gotta sew a button on my vest,
December 10th, we’re gonna look our best
Cos’ Scoble’s back in town.

Presumably on their way back from gay Purree where Les Blogs Part Deux is (allegedly) taking place earlier in the week, the Scobles are hitting London town again and Hugh has booked the Texas Embassy for another geek dinner.

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