Rough video of smooth people

To make up somewhat for the dismal showing so far today (see below on The Secret Agent) I give you a very scrunched up version of all the video I shot on Saturday at Podcastcon UK.

See if you can spot among the audience: Alex Bellinger, Nicole Simon, Rachel Clarke, Kosso, Jo Twist, Ben Metcalfe, Hugo Schotmann.

And now that I’ve seen how to embed video (even if I can’t get it to work yet), here’s a surplus picture of Alex for his many adoring fans:
Alex Bellinger

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Librivox – The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad, Chapter 7

[UPDATE: after all the audio problems earlier it should be fine now]

Librivox is an experiment initiated by Hugh McGuire from Montreal to see whether a bunch of interested volunteers can create collaboratively some totally free audiobooks in the public domain. We are taking texts from Project Gutenberg (one of the first resources I ever fell in love with on the internet in about 1992), reading them in chunks and distributing the files as podcasts.

The first project has been The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad and this is my contribution Chapter 7 (10.9MB, 30:52 mins) in which the Assistant Commissioner visits Sir Ethelred (a great personage of Parliament) to discuss progress on the investigation into a recent bombing in London, after which he takes a cab to Soho, planning to confront Verloc whom he strongly (and correctly) suspects of involvement in the anarchist outrage.

Plus ça change…

Note: unlike other material on this blog, which is released under a creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence, I am releasing this file into the public domain – you may do with it entirely as you wish.

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