Rough video of smooth people

To make up somewhat for the dismal showing so far today (see below on The Secret Agent) I give you a very scrunched up version of all the video I shot on Saturday at Podcastcon UK.

See if you can spot among the audience: Alex Bellinger, Nicole Simon, Rachel Clarke, Kosso, Jo Twist, Ben Metcalfe, Hugo Schotmann.

And now that I’ve seen how to embed video (even if I can’t get it to work yet), here’s a surplus picture of Alex for his many adoring fans:
Alex Bellinger

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7 thoughts on “Rough video of smooth people”

  1. I completely failed to spot the camera. Now I need to watch it…but your link is broken. I can save to disk, but not play directly

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  3. Wonderful stuff. It felt like I was there myself, albeit after 6 Bloody Marys. . . .What was lacking though was. . .you. Where were those marvelous in-your-face questions and clique bursting strides of your Texas Embassy adventures? All those gawgeous peole and we don’t know which bright new stars to watch for. Nice mix though. Seeing the Vobester doing his show is a bit like peering behind the curtain and seeing the Wizard’s not the Great Oz after all. One clip led me to think there is a fortune to be made teaching people how to interact with their own powerpoints on stage. . . .

  4. Rachel, hopefully now it plays automagically – I had to have a word with libsyn, who host my media files to get it to work properly.

    Alex, you’re too kind. I just like showing people what’s really possible. It’s only just really dawning on me that a significant number of people in that room have only become aware of blogging since they took up podcasting.

    Neal, I know, this is early days for my video skills. I’ve just about mastered standing still, pointing the camera at the subject and pressing the record button. Next, I might try doing it while talking to someone, but I don’t hold out much hope, knowing my co-ordination skills. The Wizard of Oz thing is a bit creepy actually, Jimmy was doing a very good impression of a flying monkey when he went walkabout with the mic and Georgie would make a smashing Dorothy….mmmmmm. Alex – tin man, Neil – lion, Paul – scarecrow. Oh Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!

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