Luchtime Chat at Our Social World

Our Social WorldSo on Friday lunchtime I took a stroll around the room and spoke to various participants about their mid-point views of the day (~35 mins, 16MB). I tarried rather too long around the reality-distortion field that is Ben Hammersley’s aura (not sure whether it’s a projection of his personality or one of the utility items on his utili-kilt).

Sadly I missed the opportunity to let Johnnie Moore explain his spider in a jam jar simile or to quiz Geoff on the lack of women and people from ethnic minority backgrounds as these seem to have been the main points of focus in the post-conference blogosphere analysis.

In rough order of appearance you will hear:

Geoff Jones, Suzanne Collins, Marcus ? from the FT, David Morgan, Ash Rattan, Dave Barker, Peter Wainman, Taron Maberry, Paul Goodison, Steve Price, Alistair Shrimpton, Euan Semple, Jem Stone, Ben Hammersley, Suw Charman, Meelis Kuusberg, Simon Phipps, Tony Hammond, Julian Bond, Chris Bose and Andrew Martin
(who didn’t seem to mind at all when I called him Chris at the end!)

Thanks Everyone!

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