“After” The E Word at Channel 4

In the Channel 4 BarThis is the last of three podcasts I’ve produced associated with The Policy Unplugged event at Channel 4 last week, The E Word. Fifty or so thinkers in education – without many of the usual Whitehall suspects gathered to talk about the state of education policy in the UK, to see where there was common ground and explore their differences. I was there as a host with special responsibility to help record the day and capture the essence of the conversations.

With a hard afternoon’s talking behind them, the guests repaired to the bar for….more talking (and some drinking) Again, I mingled among them to find out what they had thought of the day. And they told me. This was right at the beginning mind, goodness knows what they were saying when they’d had a few more sugar-free Red Bulls.

After The E Word (25:30 mins – 11.6MB)

Photos for the event are in this photoset

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2 thoughts on ““After” The E Word at Channel 4”

  1. I don’t quite know what the ell was being talked about in these wonderful snipets, but it was very much like being there. I kept expecting my friend Pat from the Bromley School system to pop into the limelight.
    There were actually some interesting tidbits for an outsider to ponder. Once again, well done.

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