But March 2007 seems so far away…

Gia has managed to get permission to start showing sneak previews of Sunshine on the film’s blog.

Go see Danny Boyle’s intro to Sunshine.

Gia explains:

My colleagues Phil and Damien interviewed Danny Boyle a while back. A bit later on, they took a video camera into the edit and pressed record while the editors were viewing scenes. Then Damien took the interview and the sneaky edit suite footage and cut it all together using music by the fabulous Digitonal. After a bit of persuading, Danny and Producer Andrew Macdonald agreed to let me put it up.

The resulting trailer-embryo bears more than a passing resemblance to the “You ought to string DVD pirates up by their guts for peddling this shit” adverts showing in cinemas at the moment. I half expected someone to get up and walk across the screen in the middle.

The videos are also nicely wrapped up in a feed for consumption by your favourite vid-aggregator.