Let’s all go down the Strand (‘ave a banana)

Image004.jpgSo the Swan Youth Theatre of the eighties reunionised itself on Saturday night with fabulous help from Richard Jones, Clair Hector, Adrian Phillips and Kathy Jones. All of whom are pictured here together with Rufus Norris, Marc Dugmore, Ali Nott, Viv Norris and Richard Sockett (this was a recreation of a press photo of this lot dressed up as pearly kings and queens except with Richard Sockett taking the place of a sadly absent Gill Brewis).

As well as Gill, we (err… I) most missed seeing Rosie Blunn, John Doyle, Iain Hake, James Barriscale and those Eastwood siblings.

Helen has lots of pics and doubtless there’ll be plenty more.

Who else was there – my memory holds (excepting partners…in no significant order and with apologies for the use of maiden names and any obvious omissions I should be ashamed of) Sarah Kenny-Smith , Nick Blunn, Jane Kenny Smith, Simon Atkins, Tanya Davis, Graham Brown, Kevin Hector, Emma Griffiths, Rachel Houghton, Georgie Brewster, Caroline Derry, Sally Bowcott, Paul Hughes, older people were Chris Crosswell, Bob Peachey, Frank Wellbourne (thanks adrian), Renee Chester and a late entry by Paul Milton.

It was an extremely pleasant evening, what a lovely bunch of people to be part of and very nice to make contact with them all again (and give some of them google entries for the first time!)