The audioblogger returns…in Stereo

OK, so I got a new mic at last. The old clip-on one finally fell to pieces around Christmas when it got pulled in and out of my one-man-media-empire back once too often. I got round to popping into Maplin’s yesterday and picked up this omni-directional stereo jobby which seems to work quite nicely thank you.

Paul the Clanger comes out a bit nasal when he wears it like this, but I’m fortunate that I can clip it onto my shirt and only annoy you a little with the occasional wire knocking the mic or mobile phone going off.

Audioblog 060630

I’d like to reinstate this routine for myself, so if you like this stuff, subscribe to the feed with your favourite podcatcher.

Mentions today for policyunplugged, working2gether, gapingvoid, johnnie moore and stormhoek.

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