Camcorder Catch 22

So I’ve seen these new camcorders from JVC


Of particular interest to me in the last few weeks as all I seem to have been doing is downloading video from tape which happens in real time, and then my PC takes as long again to process that into a file and again to take it into the editing package. So a twenty minutes of footage can take an hour from the time I plug in my camera to when I can actually get down to what I set out to do in the first place. An hour during which of course my PC is out of action for anything else and so I am out of action for all practical purposes too.

So, lovely. Here’s something that might help – a camcorder that records straight to a hard disk albeit in a less than superb format, but nonetheless, it must be worth having a look at. How can I get my hands on one?

Hey, perhaps they’d like a videoblogger to trial one for them – if he liked it a lot and then blogged about it, they’d get some good vibes in the blogosphere, which of course all press people know is “a good thing” – other videobloggers looking for a new toy might go out and buy one, etc.  Well I took a look at the JVC site and found the details of Niomi Jayasinghe in the press office and asked her by e-mail if I could borrow one for review purposes – isn’t that how it works?

Well yes, and no. After a little misunderstanding where she thought I was asking for a freebie to keep forever and ever, Niomi said  “The only way I can help you is by sending you a
review sample for two-three weeks.” Yes, that’s what I was after. “And usually
I need to see a review before sending anything out” uh-huh.

Well that would be cool if I were from “What AmateurDigiCamCorder Monthly” but all I have is reviews of is men’s grooming products…ahem… So I tried again: “I do think this would be a great product for bloggers like us but
reviewing kit is just something we haven’t done before and we’re caught
in a bit of a Catch22 if we can’t start reviewing until we’ve done a
review.  If you could waive your usual rule on seeing prior reviews in
this case and let us borrow a camera for a couple of weeks we would be
able to turn something round very quickly and we’d be enormously

That was 2 weeks ago.

I just got mail from Niomi:

“I do
totally understand your predicament but I’m afraid until I see a review I am
unable to lend you any product.

I do apologise.”

So, if you want to know whether to get a JVC Everio, don’t ask me.  Ask someone who can afford one. Or read one of the really useful pieces of marketing on the JVC site.


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