I had a chat at #tuttle with Al Robertson about incorporating some sort of racing element to the trip.  He suggested instead of racing people to pit myself perhaps against some moleskins, USB sticks or other storage devices that could be passed on from person to person completely independent of my trip.

Hurrah (yet again) for Al – he is without doubt one of the key people I always turn to  to get my creative thinking unstuck.

I’m drawn to as lo-tech a solution as possible – so notebooks sound good and although susceptible to water and fire damage they’re hard to get infected with viruses (or are they?) or destroyed by EMPs etc.  So I’m thinking of doing a trial run straight after Christmas here in the UK.

I will set free a number of notebooks with an instruction page at the front and the intention that each should arrive at a certain destination by a specified date – at which point I will either be there to pick it up or it will need to be posted back to me.

The instructions will be to leave something personal, interesting, mundane, trivial whatever in the notebook, draw in it, write in it, stick things to the page etc. and then pass it on in such a way as to get it closer to its destination but without using the postal system.  It also needs to be passed on to a person or group who understand the instructions.  You shouldn’t just leave it on a train and hope that someone picks it up.  Tweeting and blogging about your contribution will be strongly encouraged.

The plan is to liberate them on 1 January and have them arrive at their destination on or before 31st

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