Random Notes: Redundancy; Slowness; Lateness; Books and reading

NB: these are rough drafty notes on stuff that's going through my head


The temptation is to keep everything lean and only have one of everything. But often you need to know that you have enough, that if you lose or break or have to give away this one, you've always got another in your bag. This goes for people too. You can never have enough, never have too many options, no matter what it feels like. Bert and Ernie can both do the job, you only need one of them but they're a great pair to have around. Keep generating options because it's likely to be a combination of options you've come up with that will work best – lots of options make for lots of useful potential combinations.


Travelling on a train, knowing that you're not going to get off it today, helps you appreciate the length of the day better. That is as long as you're paying attention.  It's great when the train is rattling along and you know that you're making up time and all that, but it's also good to be going slowly. Slowly enough to be able to look properly at what you're passing. Look deeply, connect, know.


In a journey that takes three days on a network where your traffic is not a priority, you will end up having to get off the train at midnight or 2am. That's OK if your patient husband or wife is there to pick you up but it's tough asking friends to do it, and even more so friends of a friend that you've never met before.

Books and reading

Lots of people ask what I'm reading – the answer is not so much.  Books are too much of a psychoactive drug for me.  If I was reading, i'd be off on another journey inside my head and not paying attention to what I'm doing right now.  I'd be avoiding people, I'd be avoiding conversation and my story would be dominated by my reading.

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