Day 14

Monday I knew that going badgeless was absolutely the right idea.   I'm not feeling the constant worry of being in the wrong place or the wrong panel or being frustrated thinking about panels, going along expecting something interesting and finding the same old drivel.

I hung out with some friends and then had lunch thanks to @kerrymg and her colleague Alex from Mofilm – our waitress, Natalie, gave the best fake British accent I've heard since I've been here – if you're in Austin and you want a waitress who doesn't sound like Dick Van Dyke go to Moonshine and ask for Natalie.  By the by, we had a great conversation about the importance of interesting conversation and improvisation.

Then I met up with Breda from LearningPool to make sure we captured the fact that we were wearing our t-shirts   but also to have a lovely chat, @cittiecait came along too.

I popped over to the Belmont to catch up with @missdd about all sorts, including her move to NYC to get the @1000heads office set up.

I got a #chevysxsw to Whole Foods to grab some real food for once (got one back as well!) these are great, just cars that you can flag down and ask them to go wherever  you like – free taxis really.

I went over to the railroad station and found out that I'd misunderstood the timetable and the next stage of my journey won't be exactly as expected.  Still don't know how that's going to pan out (except, undoubtedly, for the best)

Back into town, I found @heathr at last and walked and talked and lounged in the Hilton with her while we cemented our Social Artist bonds – really need more of this hanging out with people who get it and are doing it.  I also found that tummelling is indeed a very similar concept and that that's what I'm doing too.

I popped into the Northern Ireland party and listened to some tortured stripy-shirted hipsters for a while and then took in a little NO vibe at the Lucky Lounge with @FunkyBigSam but needed to get back fairly early to make sure I could blog about making a decision on the trip to Lafayette.

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Day 13

Sunday didn't feel like a Sunday at all.

Daytime was a lot of trying to get to meet people and being frustrated.

I spent the afternoon at a #technomad meetup – lots of very interesting people using social technology to travel in different ways and generally be homeless without being *homeless*.

In the evening, I got more into the swing of it.  I had dinner at #globalgrill courtesy of UKTI and got to see @dominiccampbell, @rachelclarke and unexpectedly @rachelcaroe, 

then I met with @hotskillet, @ledgedancer & @SidewaysMedia as the result of a tweet from @melindrift, 

and I ended up at a #transmedia meetup thanks to @scott_walker and got to meet @skotleach, @jill380 and many others.

Throughout I got the chance to repeat and refine and understand better the stories I have to tell as part of this trip.  

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Day 12

Saturday was the first day I took my ukulele downtown.  I spent a lot of time with Phil – we had lunch with the Bambuser gang, streamed me playing outside the convention centre and went and played again over in the park where another guy was learning the lessons of trying to strum a steel-stringed guitar with your fingers (don't try it at home kids, especially, if like him you're playing someone else's guitar and you're going to have to explain to them why it's covered in your blood)

Otherwise a blur of bumping into people.  Here's me and the lovely Jackie Danicki

I also played uke while waiting in line for the Cheezburger party – haven't been so ignored since I last played at Chancery Lane on the Underground 🙂

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Money #1

One of the big lessons I learned this year from fundraising is not to rely on *anything* at all until it's in my account.  I had a few potential corporate sponsorship deals in the pipeline and I guessed that at least one of them would come through either before or during the trip.  None of them did.

I'm hugely grateful of course to all those who've given money, bought me meals and made me so welcome in their homes.  However, I need some more help.

For those who don't know me, I have no income from employment in the UK this month  or next and I'm about £2,000 ($3,200) short on being able to pay the rest of my bills back at home (my rent falls due in a week's time) and maintain my minimal levels of day-to-day expenses here.

So I'm open to ideas in addition to the following:

There's a donate button on the sidebar of the blog.  If you didn't put anything in the pot before the trip and you're getting some value out of what I'm doing, please do consider contributing that way.

I'm still open to support from businesses and organisations who either just would like an association with the trip or, preferably, for whom I can do something useful while I'm here (though SXSWi is over from today).  This should give you an idea of all the sorts of things I can do, if you don't already know.

Perhaps you've heard me play ukulele and singing at some point on this trip – how about buying my album on bandcamp?  You can pay whatever you think it's worth.

And anything else you can thing of etc.

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Solve it while I sleep #4

Getting to Lafayette

I've planned a few days rest near Lafayette LA before moving onto New Orleans – it's a kind of mid-point decompression after SXSW.  I'd really like to be there as long as I can – Thursday thru Sunday.  I misread the Amtrak timetable and thought I could leave Austin on Wednesday night and get to Lafayette on Thursday.  I can't.  The next train there leaves on Thursday gets in Friday morning.  My lovely hostess in Austin, Sarah Vela, can't have me beyond Wednesday.

So do I:

Stick with the train (i have a rail pass so the cost is covered) and find a way to stay in Austin until Thursday night and put up with the fact that I'll only be in Lafayette for 3 days instead of 4?


Find someone who is driving to, say, New Orleans leaving Wednesday who might be able to take me and drop me off in Lafayette? Do you know anyone doing Austin to Louisiana who might like an Englishman riding shotgun?

or something else… that gets me there on Thursday morning (or Wednesday night perhaps) with minimal cost and hassle and maximum interestingness.

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