Final Reservations

I waited until this morning to see whether anything else popped up, but the decision had really become clear last night.

I have just got the last tickets on my pass with a lot of help from the excellent ticketing staff at Union Station, Washington.

This is how it’s going to go:  

I’m going to spend one last night on a train tonight – I leave DC at 10pm and get into Boston Back Bay about 8am then I dash across town to get from Boston North to Portland, ME leaving at 9.05 and then a bus from Portland to Belfast where I hope to get bear-hugged by Mr Neal Foley.

I’ve been promised a bed, lobstah (!) and good clean living – yay!

I’ll be there all through Tuesday and leave at 8am Wednesday morning, back through Boston to New York, arriving at Penn Station at 9.50pm (subject to the usual disclaimers)

So what needs sorting now is what to do in NYC from 9.50pm Wednesday until whatever time I need to leave to get a flight from JFK at 7.30pm Thursday.  Fill me up folks!  Who to stay with?  Who to meet on Thursday? Whether to do anything Wednesday after I arrive – city that never sleeps right?

Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman