Day 15

I didn't get any immediate and obvious answer to what to do about the next stage of the trip.  I made some efforts to continue trying to get a lift.  NOLA friends made some suggestions and I followed them all up, but no-one was keen on taking an unknown English guy on a 10-hour road trip.  There's an interesting point in there about how the value of social capital can degrade very quickly a couple of steps away in the network – I saw the same thing with the Journal Racing prototype.  I became more resigned to not travelling to Lafayette until Thursday night.

So I sat and blogged some more and did the behind-the-scenes kind of Social Art, putting people together, saying hi to people I'd met, cementing relationships, re-fueling social capital.

Then i was ready to meet some new people again so after some frantic tweeting and false dawns I finally got together with @kevindwhite @rmiriam and @kittygutz there was ukulele

Soon after this, Julia arrived and we sat and chatted until Nat was out of his panel then we headed up to Buffalo Billiards to meet up with various other brummies celebrating Helga's birthday but before we met them we had time to have a go at Shuffleboard.  Scoring is a bit like curling or bowls but you send a small lump of metal hurtling down a wooden runway covered in fine sand

This would have been my best shot if it hadn't been knocked off the end by the unexpectedly wildly competitive Julia Higginbottom…  

Before heading home, I slipped over 6th Street to  The Driskill as  I'd seen Phil check in  a few minutes earllier.  He was there holding court with three women – Margaret Rosas (who was raving about Dave Gray's session earlier in the day),  Chelsea Rustrum whom we'd met a the #technomads meetup and her Austin friend Kelsey Bryant.  There was much great conversation, occasional hilarity and of course I whipped my ukulele out again to much admiration from the ladies.

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Solve it while I sizzle

So I need to get from Lafayette to New Orleans tomorrow (Sunday).  I thought I had a ride, but it looks like it's fallen through. I'm sure there's a bus but it looks like it takes forever.

This trip's a great exercise in expecting the unexpected and accepting whatever comes along.  That means not labelling things as "wrong" just because they don't fit with what i was expecting or what I think would be most comfortable for me.

I can get Amtrak, I believe (and as it's only $21 so I may pay cash rather than using up one of the segments on my pass) but I also don't want to rush into making a decision if there are other options out there – trying to keep an open mind, as ever, and not just pressing on regardless.

So I guess the question is, are you or someone you know, by chance travelling from Lafayette to New Orleans and have space for a friendly, house-trained brit with a stack of stories to tell from his adventures?  To be on the safe side I'm going to make a reservation on Amtrak if no other offers show up by about 6pm Central Time today (11pm GMT)

Oh… the "sizzle"? it's 80F and sunny here, folks.  As a fully paid-up Mad Dog/Englishman i just went for a walk in the midday sun… 🙂

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