Money #1

One of the big lessons I learned this year from fundraising is not to rely on *anything* at all until it's in my account.  I had a few potential corporate sponsorship deals in the pipeline and I guessed that at least one of them would come through either before or during the trip.  None of them did.

I'm hugely grateful of course to all those who've given money, bought me meals and made me so welcome in their homes.  However, I need some more help.

For those who don't know me, I have no income from employment in the UK this month  or next and I'm about £2,000 ($3,200) short on being able to pay the rest of my bills back at home (my rent falls due in a week's time) and maintain my minimal levels of day-to-day expenses here.

So I'm open to ideas in addition to the following:

There's a donate button on the sidebar of the blog.  If you didn't put anything in the pot before the trip and you're getting some value out of what I'm doing, please do consider contributing that way.

I'm still open to support from businesses and organisations who either just would like an association with the trip or, preferably, for whom I can do something useful while I'm here (though SXSWi is over from today).  This should give you an idea of all the sorts of things I can do, if you don't already know.

Perhaps you've heard me play ukulele and singing at some point on this trip – how about buying my album on bandcamp?  You can pay whatever you think it's worth.

And anything else you can thing of etc.

Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman