Solve it while I sleep #4

Getting to Lafayette

I've planned a few days rest near Lafayette LA before moving onto New Orleans – it's a kind of mid-point decompression after SXSW.  I'd really like to be there as long as I can – Thursday thru Sunday.  I misread the Amtrak timetable and thought I could leave Austin on Wednesday night and get to Lafayette on Thursday.  I can't.  The next train there leaves on Thursday gets in Friday morning.  My lovely hostess in Austin, Sarah Vela, can't have me beyond Wednesday.

So do I:

Stick with the train (i have a rail pass so the cost is covered) and find a way to stay in Austin until Thursday night and put up with the fact that I'll only be in Lafayette for 3 days instead of 4?


Find someone who is driving to, say, New Orleans leaving Wednesday who might be able to take me and drop me off in Lafayette? Do you know anyone doing Austin to Louisiana who might like an Englishman riding shotgun?

or something else… that gets me there on Thursday morning (or Wednesday night perhaps) with minimal cost and hassle and maximum interestingness.

Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman