Day 13

Sunday didn't feel like a Sunday at all.

Daytime was a lot of trying to get to meet people and being frustrated.

I spent the afternoon at a #technomad meetup – lots of very interesting people using social technology to travel in different ways and generally be homeless without being *homeless*.

In the evening, I got more into the swing of it.  I had dinner at #globalgrill courtesy of UKTI and got to see @dominiccampbell, @rachelclarke and unexpectedly @rachelcaroe, 

then I met with @hotskillet, @ledgedancer & @SidewaysMedia as the result of a tweet from @melindrift, 

and I ended up at a #transmedia meetup thanks to @scott_walker and got to meet @skotleach, @jill380 and many others.

Throughout I got the chance to repeat and refine and understand better the stories I have to tell as part of this trip.  

Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman