Day 14

Monday I knew that going badgeless was absolutely the right idea.   I'm not feeling the constant worry of being in the wrong place or the wrong panel or being frustrated thinking about panels, going along expecting something interesting and finding the same old drivel.

I hung out with some friends and then had lunch thanks to @kerrymg and her colleague Alex from Mofilm – our waitress, Natalie, gave the best fake British accent I've heard since I've been here – if you're in Austin and you want a waitress who doesn't sound like Dick Van Dyke go to Moonshine and ask for Natalie.  By the by, we had a great conversation about the importance of interesting conversation and improvisation.

Then I met up with Breda from LearningPool to make sure we captured the fact that we were wearing our t-shirts   but also to have a lovely chat, @cittiecait came along too.

I popped over to the Belmont to catch up with @missdd about all sorts, including her move to NYC to get the @1000heads office set up.

I got a #chevysxsw to Whole Foods to grab some real food for once (got one back as well!) these are great, just cars that you can flag down and ask them to go wherever  you like – free taxis really.

I went over to the railroad station and found out that I'd misunderstood the timetable and the next stage of my journey won't be exactly as expected.  Still don't know how that's going to pan out (except, undoubtedly, for the best)

Back into town, I found @heathr at last and walked and talked and lounged in the Hilton with her while we cemented our Social Artist bonds – really need more of this hanging out with people who get it and are doing it.  I also found that tummelling is indeed a very similar concept and that that's what I'm doing too.

I popped into the Northern Ireland party and listened to some tortured stripy-shirted hipsters for a while and then took in a little NO vibe at the Lucky Lounge with @FunkyBigSam but needed to get back fairly early to make sure I could blog about making a decision on the trip to Lafayette.

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