Clearing up. Let’s Fight!

I’ve moved out and moved on many times but some things seem to stick around in boxes no matter what.  One of those things is my notebook from Drama School.  Yes I had just one – I don’t seem to remember there being a lot to write down…

This though is the first page of several directions for the basic stage fighting exam that we did.  I think it was the only subject I did an external exam for while there (although I also did the advanced one).  It was great fun – if you want to try it out you’ll need to know that the V column is the Villain and H is for Hero.  Then T=Thrust, Py=Parry, S=Sword and D=Dagger and you’ll need to dig out a couple of rapiers and daggers.

Oh, and take extreme caution “I’ve seen an eyeball on the end of one of these” 

Here’s me practicing at home…

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