Let’s make an album! Right here in the back yard!

So first stop is definitely Glasgow.  I’ve booked a train ticket.  Otherwise today I’m mostly discarding things that no longer serve me… 


The two-day open-house creative jam that Martyn had suggested has morphed through our patented process of conversation, reflection and further conversation 😉 into a project to record an album of new and improvised music (Martyn’s just talked about it in an e-mail as “jazz meets folk meets classical crossover-ish with lots of improvisation”) in 48 hours.

The initial and provisional theme is Revisiting Memories and Learning to Play Again (note the (NOT) Very Important Capitalisation that I’ve just added…).  

Anyway, it’ll be a scream with the people we have involved already, and we have the equipment to make the final recording, but if you want to come along (near Queen’s Park) and take part for any of it, learn with us about co-creation, improvisation and just flippin’ doin’ it – just let me or Martyn know. Bring your talent, food, drink, musical instruments and documentation tools, but overall come with the spirit of fun and willingness to learn together.  



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6 thoughts on “Let’s make an album! Right here in the back yard!”

    1. well spotted, yes – I’m thinking of perhaps spending a little time down there (Martyn lives on the south side of Glasgow) and recreating some of these photos – any ideas/input/current local knowledge?

      1. The boat hut is still there and the pond as well. I sometimes take my daughter there for a change of the usual parks we go to in East Kilbride. You should be able to get a very similar composition 🙂

      2. Fab, thanks! Any chance you can join us at all? Would be lovely to see you – maybe bring @babybunten to experience some live music 🙂

  1. Would love too but the gods of good timing aren’t shinning upon us! I finish up on Friday for my 2 week summer holidays and we’re off criss crossing the country 😦

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