Moving Out

Never ask me to estimate how long it will take to move out of a flat.  Just tell me what to do when and keep on at me until I’ve done it. Just don’t tell me now and don’t keep on at me now, please. I’ve got more important things to do right now. 

This was my first experience of moving house without a wife or girlfriend giving me *cough* gentle reminders that things need doing. Or something.  I was doing things.  I’d got a lot done by Wednesday morning, but I knew it wasn’t enough.  And yet it was.  Because here I am almost a week later and I’ve moved out.  Yes, there was some stress on the day and we needed the van for twice as long as I’d thought.  Nick was the best possible person to help me – I needed to be forgiven with compassionate laughter.  We didn’t have lunch until 4pm. Lots was left behind and undone.  No-one seems to mind except me.  

I didn’t feel as comfortable as I could, but it happened and it’s done. Nobody died.

I now live on the internets.

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