Now that is cool

I’m on the switchback this morning that is Google’s GMail April Fool offering.

Blah Blah Blah, it’s our birthday and we want to do something special, blah

“The result?… starting today, we’re beginning the roll-out of our new and top secret Infinity+1 storage plan. The key features are:

* Write, don’t worry.
You want to stop caring about storage. We want to keep giving you more. Today, and beyond.

* The gift that keeps on giving.
1126.096746 megabytes of storage (and counting) for every user.

* No complicated equations. No tough algorithms.
Just this one graph: ”

with the meg of storage counter rapidly shooting upwards and then a cute scribbled-napkin graph showing Google going beyond the theoretical limit and giving us infinity *plus* one MB per user.

Ha ha, funny joke for nerds and non-nerdy maths students alike.

So check out the new features page and you see that they’re actually giving us 2MB. Thanks guys – you still have some evil tendencies, but giving us a present on your birthday and making a funny April 1 joke shows part of you still cares a bit.

But what stopped me getting in the shower and got me posting was the fact that that storage counter is actually telling the truth. Everytime I refresh my inbox, the counter at the bottom tells me I’ve got another few kilobytes of storage, exactly in line with that counter on the front page. Oh nerd heaven.



2 thoughts on “Now that is cool”

  1. This is totally cool, although I’m not so sure why I’m so excited. I like deleting emails. However, I just invited myself into another account–for home. Happy Birthday, Google, you April Fool!

  2. I know, I’ve only used up about 130MB ‘cos I’m so used to deleting stuff – I start to get twitchy if I get over 10% full – completely bonkers.

    PS good to see your feedburner readers going up and up!

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