Fun with Google Maps UK

At least one cheer for the speed of delivery on the UK version of Google Maps – I thought it would take much longer. Viewing maps is fine, but some of the search results are still quirky to say the least and when I look for Whitehall I don’t expect either of these

Trouble is I’m having trouble thinking of serious test cases. All I’ve come up with is:

Lloyd’s House in Epsom
Guys with fat arses in London
Satan in Bromsgrove

Hooray Henry in Sloane Square

Please vote in the comments for the most accurate in your view.

1st prize – a haircut like Adam Curry’s

Not really ready for Dave Winer to find a hotel in London.

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One thought on “Fun with Google Maps UK”

  1. Obviously it is all in code. As best I can make it out: Lloyd’s house in Epsom is an Arcade. The guy with the Fat Arse ducked into the Virgin Megastore and the Satan of Bromsgrove is either in the West Mercia Nick, or is the Heart of the English Tourist Board. All that from a satellite in outer space, close enough for the girls I go with. . .a miss as near as a mile obviously not the motto Google Maps is striving for, but close is still as good in horseshoes as handgrenades. . . .

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