Blogs starting to appear on British Civil Service radar

I’m in the middle of running an awayday for a team in a large Government department and suddenly the subject of conversation over dinner is blogs!

“What are they?” “Ooooh, do you have one” “I think I should have one.” “We should use them for sharing things that we’ve seen instead of photocopying one for everyone” “So you have to really like writing” “Do you sometimes pull back after writing a post and think nobody’s going to be interested in this” “What if nobody reads it?”

All questions I’ve heard reported by other people, but never actually experienced, especially when dining with clients – this is an important first for me (how sad).

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5 thoughts on “Blogs starting to appear on British Civil Service radar”

  1. It’s one of those things: As soon as you tune in to something, then you begin to see it everywhere. Lesblogs was a saturation point, and now everything and everyone is “blog this” and “blog that. . . .” Let the force take you, Grasshopper!

  2. I should point out that conversation over dinner also included politics, state v private education, exfoliation techniques and other approaches to facial care.

  3. We also think that Lloyd is a fantastic facilitator. And anyone wanting to move away from flipcharts,lists and navel gazing should use Lloyd. I didn’t realise so many of my colleagues had hidden artistic talents.

  4. Well how nice that the chef and some diners have turned up to comment together! Does that make this blog a kind of restaurant?

    Chef, I’m feeling bad because the busy-ness of my life has kept me from listening to your most recent gastrocasts – luckily we have a holiday weekend here so I’m hoping to catch up.

    My fellow diners, I’m clearly going to have to get you blogging so that you can continue to say nice things about me, in public, all the time.

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