In Cambridge

I’m at Our Social World, liveblogging from the second session right now which is Simon Phipps from Sun. He’s just taking questions about his session on the Participation age – basic premise Connection changes everything.

Stuff is going on on the wiki feed, but it’s slow at the moment as we’ve had problems with the pipe going out.

Pics and flicks later.

6 thoughts on “In Cambridge”

  1. Hey! I hope your having loads of fun at the event and that it is all really informative. You will have to put all the info about the event on and I will keep up to date on everything that is going on there.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t escape from the office to attend so I am counting on your excellent ability to podcast the event for me. 🙂

  2. Sorry you can’t be here – it’s cool. I’m not going to be able to podcast the whole thing – hopefully somebody else is recording, but I’m grabbing some video and will get some audio during the table time breaks.

    That link to the wiki in the post is actually to a river of news style feed (unfortunately currently also including the cricket score) and that’s the best way to keep up to date with what everyone is doing here.

  3. Lloyd, i like this photo – an improvement on the student ID look IMHO 😉 You could use it on Soflow n’all! Nice stickers too. But what’s really making me jealous is not all this flaunting of geeck chic and camaraderie, but this: where did you get that HOT pink handbag??

  4. Ah Deirdre, that’s not me! That’s the lovely Loic Le Meur, who’s like me, only younger, more sexy, more brainy, more beefy and French. Whether that explains the hot handbag or not, I wouldn’t like to speculate – like I say he’s beefier than me.

  5. Hi Lloyd,
    thank you for coming to Our Social World and for being so very supportive both during the day and since. Havent been able to listen to the podcaste yet, but the pictures are great. By the way the pink bag belongs to me!!

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