Drinks with Saira Khan (bring your own earplugs)

saira_khan.jpgOK, so I’ve just about cleared searches for “The Apprentice” out of my referral logs (of course until the next series) but a couple of weeks ago Suw said she was helping Saira Khan to set up a blog for a show Radio 5 and now Saira’s going round inviting bloggers to a do next week to talk to her about our blogging experiences.

Saira’s organising drinks at:
The Sofa So Bar,
515 Fulham Road,
Telephone 020 7385 6403

from 7.00pm on Thursday 22nd September. I’m hoping to get along later, but I’m at a big do at Channel 4 that afternoon/evening.

If you’d like to go, leave a comment on Saira’s blog here

If you can’t make it, I’m sure she’d appreciate your comments on “Why do you blog?” at the same place.

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2 thoughts on “Drinks with Saira Khan (bring your own earplugs)”

  1. Thanks for that. I’m not that loud in real life, you only need your ear plugs if I’ve got my megaphone and I don’t take that out in the evenings.Enjoy your Channel 4 do!

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