Saira Khan meets London bloggers

saira khanAfter the e-word extravaganza (yeah, yeah stuff’s coming) I popped down to Fulham to meet up with Saira Khan who’s reporting on blogging for BBC Radio Five, but who British TV audiences will know as “that feisty, gobby woman with the megaphone who should have won” from The Apprentice. I’m so glad that when I wrote here about the show earlier in the year, I was nice about Saira and picked her (or James) to win. Note to people in the rest of the world – Saira was pipped to the post (as I also kind of predicted) by the dull but worthy Tim.

So anyway, we had a great chat – Geoff Jones was being interviewed as I approached the ‘crowd’ consisting of Suw Charman and two other guys who I’d seen before, but never got really introduced to, so I can’t tell you who they were with any certainty, though I think one hangs out here and the other is here but they could both be the same guy… or not. We were joined a little while later by Sal – everyone seemed to be Australian, but that’s not a bad thing.

[Update: Alan Connor was there too, doh! my brain! and he’s now kindly linked to this piece in one of his Weblog Watch pieces for the BBC News Magazine section – hello people from BBC-land]

Saira was delightful, excitable, very sweet and clearly easily drawn into the Perfect Path charm machine. She’s also just amazed that there’s this enormous subculture that she didn’t know existed until recently. We recorded a little interview (I believe it’s going to be part of the Julian Worricker Show and it’s called the 5 Live Report due to be broadcast at 10:00 BST on October 2nd – should be listenable across the globe through the BBC player for a week thereafter. I also got to meet the lovely Clare, who’s producing the show (and is a closet podcaster who’s about to jump out and reveal herself as such)

The bar we were in was visited by some wandering masseuses and you can read about my massage experience on Geoff’s blog including a picture of me being attended to by Melissa (oooooh) from urban chill (great massage, but ditch the Flash on your website, guys)

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  1. You are a star.Please do join in on Sunday.Hope our paths will cross again. In the meantime I am having a serious look at my blog and will definitely develop it once I’ve got my book underway.

    I can really see how My blog will be the main tool to get the book out there for people to know about. I am so gald that I was asked to do this programme otherwise I would have been missing out on meeting great people like you!

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