Billy No-Mates

Shaftesbury AveSo, the first weekly Social Media Club meetup – Thursday Night is Social Media Night – was obviously too soon for many people. In fact everyone except me 🙂 I waited for about 45 minutes and then walked on my own from the John Snow down to Green Park to get on the tube home, taking pictures on the way which are now in the Social Media Club London Group Pool.

I know I’ve taken to calling myself a Social Media Tart, but I didn’t expect that to extend to me standing alone on a street corner outside a pub in Soho, trying to catch the eye of young-ish men who looked like they might have an interest in photo-sharing…

I’m all ready to do it again though. This week we’re going to do some podcasting, somewhere in Central London. Suggestions welcome on the wiki for a venue or location that’s quiet enough to gather and record audio, but not somewhere where we’ll get shhhhed.

6 thoughts on “Billy No-Mates”

  1. Ouch! I so nearly came, not 30 secs from my office to the John Snow. Keep it up… if you upload it and they will come.

  2. 😦 – bummer, not you, the situation. Not that there would be anything wrong with being a bummer. I’ll get my coat. Feel free to delete this.

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