May Day for Nurses

Steve Moore passed this on from Jonathan Simmons at PublicZone:

“Public Zone have become involved in a wonderful campaign called May Day For Nurses, which aims to highlight the plight of nurses as the lowest paid public sector professionals, by asking every premiership footballer to donate their wages from the last day of the season to a hardship fund.

We don’t want your money (that will come from the players), we just want your support. We have built a fan table on-line (it even has space for non football fans!), please go and register your support, it will really help us get press, and convince the players.”

I have, why haven’t you?

One thought on “May Day for Nurses”

  1. seen you comment on Twitter about Gareth Hunt. I know what you mean as a 10-year-old I believed these people would be iindestructible. Curiously, I thought that about about my Dad too – he’s in his 80s and I and my mother are looking after him now as his health declines.

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