Solve it while I sleep #1

I'm in Half Moon Bay with the Scobles.  It's 3.30am and I can't sleep right now, partly because my body still thinks its mid-morning but also because I'm trying to think through what to do next.  And that's no good, that sounds suspiciously like I'm in control.  So I'm asking for help.

I would like to get down to Long Beach (the other side of LA from here) for Saturday morning so I can attend the BIL conference on The Queen Mary.  I would need somewhere to sleep while in LB.  I don't know how to get there from here – trains are really complicated and the Amtrak site doesn't help much.

An alternative is to skip LA altogether and get going eastward – I have some contacts in Salt Lake City and possibly Denver as well as down in Tucson.

I don't have any strong preferences at the moment, but I think it's important I keep moving – I've got a week to get to Austin.

Please help me think it through, all suggestions welcome – and maybe do some research/ask around friends you might have in the West.

I also have the question of what to do tomorrow (Thursday) – I have the option of going into Palo Alto with Robert first thing (I think he's going to be watching the TED stream) or staying here and seeing the ocean, doing some writing, trying not to think too much.  Maryam has very kindly given me the option of staying another night here.

Thank you for looking after this Englishman 🙂

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