Day 3

I spent Thursday mostly in the conference room at US Venture Partners (USVP) in Menlo Park.  We were the guests of Paul Matteucci who had invited a bunch of people in to watch the live stream from TED which was going on down in Long Beach.  It was my best experience of a TED live stream so far.  

People came and went but most of the time there were enough people to know you weren't alone but not so many that conversations about the content were disturbing.  The piece that stirred the most conversation was Eli Pariser's talk on "filter bubbles" where we get locked in by "helpful" algorithms to only seeing the content "they" think we want to see.  Much discussion on how this sat with democratic capitalism – I was reminded that it's much more acceptable here to invoke national identity "it's our duty as Americans" etc.

I had a long chat with someone about how my art isn't challenging enough.  It feels challenging enough for me…

Anyway, it's not everday I get to sit in a comfy leather chair at a solid wood boardroom table, listen to big ideas and have a VC buy me lunch 🙂  

Thanks Paul, I really appreciated being there.

We went home for dinner and Maryam had made another delicious meal for us – lamb stew with lamb that just melted in your mouth.  And then it was time for American Idol with babies crawling all over me… Milan got hold of my iPod and knew exactly which apps were games he wanted to play, though he got a bit frustrated when he didn't win as easily as he'd hoped.

We had a chat about what I was going to do the next day and I knew that I needed to blog about it to get it clearer in my head and get some input from others.  I realised it's a good way to work if I can let go of "problems" by blogging them at the end of the day and just see what the collective intelligence came up with while I was unconscious.  So that's what I did, and the result is that I have a plan that takes me all the way to Austin, which actually means I have a rough plan all the way to New Orleans 🙂

I woke around 5am to have a little look at how #tuttle had gone, of course everyone had mucked in beautifully and Brian did a fab little twitvid:

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