Solve it while I sleep #2

OK I'm still in Half Moon Bay but tonight I'm writing at 11.30pm when I'm going to bed, in an attempt to put away stuff that otherwise would wake me at 3 🙂  It seems to me this might be a good regular practice – to write any issues  down before I go to bed and see what you all come up with (if anything) overnight.

I have 3 options for travelling on.  I'm learning from a few hits and misses that I need both a feasible route *and* somewhere to stay where I'm going.  I don't have that for any of the options yet.  Let's see if you can fill any of the holes.

Option 1: Go down to Long Beach, CA – I neither have a ride nor a sensible route for this by other transport – I have one offer of somewhere to stay one night.

Option 2: Take the Amtrak from Emeryville to Denver – I have had promises of contacts there, but no-one I already know to stay with

Option 3: Take the Amtrak from Emeryville to Seattle – I have somewhere to stay provisionally, just waiting for confirmation that the timing's OK

Now that I write it out like that, if I'm intent on moving on out of the Bay Area tomorrow, then Seattle looks like the best idea.  However, that train leaves at about 11.30pm (not my first time joining a train just in time to get to sleep!)  The Denver train leaves at 9.10am – that might actually be too early for me to get there.

So I guess you can help most with places to stay in any one of those cities but also some way of getting from San Francisco to LB

Do with this what you will… Melatonin is dragging me to bed…

I just need to say, I'm not worried about this.  I trust that the perfect answer will emerge in time – and I'll be much more comfortable if I don't try to work it out alone.

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