Solve it while I sleep #3

So I arrived at Milwaukee station today and (I don't know why I hadn't done this before) asked for a ticket to Austin for tomorrow.  No, sorry, that train's fully booked.


There are a couple of seats still available the following day if you pay a small supplement, but Wednesday, full.

Um… OK.  It turns out that any unpaid for bookings will be cleared at midnight and I can call them just after midnight and see whether that has happened.  I'm going to do that.

But otherwise I need a way to travel from Milwaukee to Austin, preferably arriving in Austin in the late afternoon, early evening.

Constraints, or things to bear in mind: I don't drive (no licence, never took a test) so can't share driving if someone's going by car.  I don't have enough cash for a flight.  Nor do I have a great deal of cash for gas – I was expecting to have this covered by my rail pass, so while I'm OK to make a contribution, I don't think I can go halves with anyone (truth is, I don't know how much fuel costs in this country, nor how much would be required). 

Just opening up options: If I can find someone to stay with tomorrow night in Chicago with the ability to get to the Amtrak station on Thursday, that might work (if there are still seats on the train on Thursday).  

Let me know what you think or can help make happen, my lovelies.

Thank you… and good night/morning

Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman