Taking Stock

I'm aware that in the rolling daily updates there's been little talk of how it's actually going for me how i'm _gulp_ *feeling*.  

Well the headline is I feel great.  I'm really enjoying the whole thing.  Taking it much more easily than last year.  Hardly worrying at all, except when I do. 

The "Solve it while I sleep" posts have had a big effect on me – it's a great way of putting down the worries and getting on with what's actually happening, ie I probably need to sleep.  So that's the "what happens if I ask for help?" part covered – basically, if I ask for help, even in a supposedly indirect way by writing on my blog, I get what I need.

I have also repeatedly had the experience of being offered something that makes me wince or gives me a little twinge, the sort of thing that ordinarily I'd say no to or accept an "easier option" – and finding that the thing I'm avoiding is really much much better than I could have expected.

I had this when Robert offered to take me to the TED livestream and the other option was to hang out and relax in Half Moon Bay, perhaps down on the beach.  I chose to go out with Robert because a little voice was telling me to go where there are more people, different people, that's where you get your energy.  And it's true, I do, I'm totally extraverted like that.

I nearly didn't go to Tracy's Mardi Gras party.  I would have missed out on so much loveliness if I had sat all evening with @moethecat.

I've also been resisting the urge to go home and hide under the covers – I've stayed out (drinking water) for as long as other people wanted instead of insisting on disappearing when the sun goes down.  Much more fun, though it still feels far from natural.

And today, Phil just asked if I would bring my uke to play in the car driving downtown.  erk.  But good to just say yes and then of course I ended up playing a few times out in the sunshine and having lots of fun with it.

So all of that comes under the "Giving up control" bit of the strapline.

Overall, pretty well then: giving up control and asking for help only leads to good things 🙂

Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman