Solve it while I sizzle #2

Not quite sizzling yet.  I haven’t been out so I’m air-conditioned, but my computer tells me it’s only 72F just before 10am 🙂

So, weather chit-chat aside, where next?

Strike that! *Who* next – this is a journey across a network of people and while the places I’ve been have all been hugely interesting in themselves, it’s really been the people that have made it. That said, I do need to engage with the Amtrak network to get to these people… so I’m not totally unconstrained.

OK.  Well I have just over a week left.  I’m going to stay here in NOLA tonight and travel tomorrow.  I have to be in NYC next Thursday evening to catch a flight from JFK.  But all else is up for grabs.  How long I take to get to New York and how much time I spend there is yet to be decided, although it’s such a highly-populated area I’d like to arrive there next Wednesday at the latest so that I have at least one night in the city.  

As usual i’ll lay out the facts and see what comes back.

Who do I know on the Eastern side of the country and where are they?  Well I have quite a few (I need to clarify that, some I’ve spoken to already but I can always find more) in the NYC area.  I had an invitation to visit Huntingdon PA from Jagir Patel when we met in Austin.  And I would very much like to get up into Maine to visit one of my oldest internet buddies that I’ve never met f2f, Neal Foley (@podchef)

I have six segments left on my rail pass – a segment is on one line so if I went to say Cincinnati via Chicago that would count as two segments.

Here’s some information about trains:

There are two trains that go North and East from NO.  

The Crescent is the one we took last year down from DC via Atlanta – it actually goes all the way to New York with a stop in Philadelphia too. (leaves NO at 7am!)

The City of New Orleans goes up to Chicago via Memphis.  (leaves NO at 1.45pm)

I think it’s important to focus on the next right step rather than trying to map out the whole thing. I think I could go either way but need some input to help think things through, keep me on track, drag me back to principles.  So I think the simple questions are “Crescent or City of NO?” and “Where do I get off and who can I stay with?”

I’m going to need to make a decision this evening (I’m on CDT still – GMT -5 so before UK people go to bed works!)  Let me know what you think or if you need more information to make suggestions.

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