Random Notes: Patience & Impatience; Vacation vs Work; People not Places

Patience & Impatience

Half of my worrying time I’m thinking about the trip going too quickly and me not doing enough of the “right stuff”. The other half I’m wishing I was further along. Practicing patience is about accepting the present moment exactly as it is and trusting that the future will turn up exactly when and how it’s needed

Vacation vs Work

I really don’t think anything I can say will convince someone who’s made up their mind that this is a holiday scam that I’m actually doing some work except by producing some work.

People not Places

This thing about traversing a network of people rather than places – you know, I ended up in Milwaukee not just because it got me a little closer to Austin – it certainly wasn’t a logical choice if you only look at the map. But for this kind of journey, you have to have a look at the map and your social graph and where those people find themselves. Not only that, but where might there be people on the edges of your social graph (ie the friends of a friends you either don’t know at all or know just a little bit).  We don’t map these things, online social networking has helped us make our graphs explicit and we’ve focused a lot on real-time location which tends to be at a finer level of detail than is needed for this trip. I need to know which town people live in and whether there’s a simple way of me getting there.


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