Podwalk 009 – South Bank

Blackfriars BridgeThe Podwalk009 podcast was meant to come to you earlier, hot off the minidisc as I ended the walk in the land where the baristas wear black and green. But I had a Starbucks wi-fi malfunction and then I needed lunch and nothing in Tate Modern tickled my fancy. There will be a visit to the former Bankside Power Station in the near future, but not yet folks, not yet.

Meanwhile you can follow along on the Podwalk 009 flickr photo set (if flickr is working – it’s seemed slow and clunky for a couple of days – paying the price of success?)

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2 thoughts on “Podwalk 009 – South Bank”

  1. Good walk. Hope you got some time at the Tate Modern. Didn’t exist when I was doing that stretch of Thames. I love the South Bank. Hayward is great. Used to come up from Chislehurst on my weekends to crawl over the city from Waterloo or Charing Cross. Although I like Southwark a bit more now. I’ve crossed Hugerford only to be met by thet sea of Dossers too many times for a middle-aged Yank to bear.

  2. Hi Lloyd

    Great to hear from you. Hope you are well.

    I started writing the blog to keep my writing skils fresh- there isn’t mich opportunity for this at the Commission.


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