Lost for Words (yes I was, several times…)

This little fella wants you to be...
In which Jeannine Saba of Lost for Words meets the world’s worst audio interviewer and is mysteriously compelled to tell him the story of her amazing business [parental warning: contains repeated & annoying mmmm-ing, uh-huhing and one explicit reference to cheesecake].

This is the first in an occasional series of interviews I’m doing with friends of mine who have cool businesses.

I think this is just the sort of business that cries out for a blog – a high-value bespoke product range made with great passion. It’s a testament to how hard Jeannine’s worked at getting good press that she’s got so many customers through that avenue, I’m sure that a blog would add another stream of people queuing up for these gorgeous (and I’ve told her so, but I repeat it here to ram the point home).

So if you’ve a special someone to buy something unforgettable for, and you want them to be lost for words fire up your e-mail and get on to jeannine AT sabadesigns DOT co DOT uk

[Disclosure: Jeannine’s been a good friend of mine for a couple of years now and we give each other mutual advice and support in business however she didn’t have to pay or give me anything to get me to say nice things about her products]

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