Show me the money! Rex Hammock’s Weblog

Wa-hey – top of Rex Hammock’s list of podcasts he’d pay for is:

“1. City tours (really, any kind of tours, including museums, historic battlefields, national parks, etc.) : I would purchase downloads of MP3s I could listen to in a rental car, driving into a downtown from an airport. Not like GPS directions, but fun, helpful information that tells me what I’m seeing as I drive in and gives me ideas of what to do while in town. Or, produce a series of “jogging from your hotel” directions that tells a jogger what he or she is running by.”

Rex, have you heard a Perfect Path podwalk? Or Sushiradio? Is this the sort of thing you’re thinking of or this? If not, what would be different that would get you to open up your sporran? How big can I expect the cheque to be? How else can I be of service? ;-D

Narrowly focused Media Week article on podcasting

Media Week – Podcasting takes hold

Media Week: “As media owners and advertisers prepare to go to try harder and get involved with the iPod revolution, Sean Hargrave finds out how the “play now, listen to it later” craze could be about to take the industry by storm.”

A long article that only looks at podcasting as an extension or evolution of radio… or else a major advertising opportunity. The closing paragraph just about sums it up:

“This opens up a new channel for radio stations as well as smart brands. The latter now have the opportunity of sponsoring shows or “podvertising” during them as well as producing their own audio content, so long as it is compelling enough for consumers to download.”

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Helen for the link.