Barcing, absolutely barcing

I’m very sad.

I just love acronyms and when I realised that Blogging – a real conversation, the NMK event yesterday, could be reduced to Barc, I was inordinately pleased. Small things.

I shall write more on this today, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve made a wiki page available to capture a record of the event. Deirdre also supplied me with a delegate list on which I have begun the wikification process. I encourage you to embroider and embellish as you see fit, but please don’t be rude about those who booked but couldn’t make it.

If you were there and have written something about it, please link from the wiki. If you have photos, please link to them from the wiki. If you have audio, and it’s better than mine or you shot some video, please link to it from the wiki.

Oh yes and if you happen to be Mike Beeston or Adriana Cronin-Lukas, I’m happy to host your powerpoint presentation if you mail it to me, or you can…link to it from the wiki.

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