First public servant podcast over on Public Service Conversations

Last week, I published my first interview with a UK public servant, which is to be part of the offering of Public Service Conversations. I spoke to Liz Railton, who is Deputy Chief Executive of Essex County Council

I’m very pleased with how it turned out as a first go, but I’m making the audio (31 mins 10.7MB) availabe here as well to spread the word and to get some more feedback (the level of subscription to the Public Service Conversations feed is relatively small) particularly from those who know podcasting well, but are less intimate with British public services.

I have another interview in the can, awaiting approval. Before I do anymore it would be good to know what people think of this one.

What do you think of this as an idea? How do you find it as a podcast? Do you think it’s worth continuing with? What questions would you have liked me to ask Liz in addition to what we talked about?

European Internet Project

Max Niederhofer (in charge of operations for 20six, the blogging company) has posted an initial manifesto and created an associated wiki where people are already starting to stand up and say “Hi! What a good idea…mmmmm…. what could we do?”

As Max says on the “soon-to-be homepage” of the EIP site,

“The EIP wants to connect Europeans working and playing on and with the internet by providing information on who is doing what in Europe, providing a basis for young European internet startups to launch from and eventually organizing some big conference bash. While we’re focused on Europe as a region, we’re open for Americans interested in Europe as well. It’s about pro-Europe, not anti-America.”

Go there and see what you can offer.

Thanks to Nicole for the link

It’s the ascii-animatrix, Mr Anderson

Just saw this ascii-movie pointed to by Piers in Euan‘s comments. It made my heart sing.

The first piece of ascii art I ever saw was in the early 70s – a picture of Racquel Welch that my father and his colleagues had printed – dunno who did the ‘digitising’.

I seem to remember it spread over more than one page of that green striped teleprinter paper that used to fill our house. Apart from a brief love affair with ascii art on usenet while avoiding writing term papers I’ve managed to keep away from it’s distractions pretty much, but now I’m on a hunt for more like this. Uh-oh.