Too darn hot!

or the 3rdSale starts 23rd...Or at least it’s too hot to play around with tagging anymore. I’m going to stick to manual tagging until I’ve got the energy to really read all the documentation (there isn’t much) on these tagging tools to understand how to get them to work. Pfui.

For those who aren’t here, London and the South-East of England are in the grip of a very sticky heatwave. The effects of the penthouse aircon are just about starting to reach me (it’s after 1.00) I get the occasional blast of cool air, but otherwise it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Perhaps the heat is the explanation for the two adjacent Selfridges windows seen here: Either the sale started three weeks ago on the 3rd or it’s starting in a couple of days on 23rd and someone lost a “2”!

I prescribe more working in Starbucks and the park – damn, when are we going to get wifi in Hyde Park? Come on Westminster Council and the Royal Parks – it would be sooooo coool.

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