London Geek Dinner with Robert Scoble

geek dinner 027Hugh MacLeod organised a fantastic geek dinner tonight (err.. last night) and yours truly spent one hour of it wandering around and interrupting the fun (54:02min – 18.5MB)

It really was as much fun as it sounds. Everyone was just amazed at the numbers of people and just how well organised it all was. I don’t normally stay up until 2.30 am to post something, but this was a special occasion. I didn’t really feel I could go to bed when there were such geeky moments to share with the world. I felt I’d be letting my fellow geeks down if I postponed it for another six hours or so. But now I must go to bed or else I’ll start rambling.

The wiki page where we all signed up will now be turned into a record of the event with links to people blogging about it, to photographs and any other podcasts.

Nightie night.

Bonus audio: Kosso has a podcast of Scoble’s speech