Internetworld 2005

I spoke this morning in one of the IDM Academy slots at Internet World (Thanks to Emma Castellani & Joanna King for inviting me and supporting me very smoothly)

I talked about blogs and podcasts and how you can use them for marketing purposes.

Got 17 people along in the mini-theatre which apparently was a good turn out especially for the first slot in the morning. Met some very nice people afterwards, including Peter Martin, who runs a re-use business specialising in recycling FMCGs (Rubbish needn’t be a dirty word) and who was very interested in blogging for PR.

As a practical example of the power of googlejuice that blogs have, I’d say to the other people who didn’t say hello, try googling “Peter Martin” or over the next few days and see how soon this post rises to the top.

Also managed to introduce some people to RSS aggregators, so that’s my good turn for the day done.