London Geek Dinner with Robert Scoble

geek dinner 027Hugh MacLeod organised a fantastic geek dinner tonight (err.. last night) and yours truly spent one hour of it wandering around and interrupting the fun (54:02min – 18.5MB)

It really was as much fun as it sounds. Everyone was just amazed at the numbers of people and just how well organised it all was. I don’t normally stay up until 2.30 am to post something, but this was a special occasion. I didn’t really feel I could go to bed when there were such geeky moments to share with the world. I felt I’d be letting my fellow geeks down if I postponed it for another six hours or so. But now I must go to bed or else I’ll start rambling.

The wiki page where we all signed up will now be turned into a record of the event with links to people blogging about it, to photographs and any other podcasts.

Nightie night.

Bonus audio: Kosso has a podcast of Scoble’s speech

20 thoughts on “London Geek Dinner with Robert Scoble”

  1. Hi Lloyd – great to see you again, and you were right – as soon as Scoble started speaking everyone’s hands did go up in the air (with cameras at the end of them)
    Looking forward (barring one small section to the recording!;)

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  3. Nice to meet you last night, Lloyd (I was talking to Euan when you came up, microphone in hand). I’m listening to the podcast right now. Excellent…

  4. Likewise Gia, and I’m now subscribed and looking forward to late-night inappropriate posting 😉 ooops I think I just did some mid-morning inappropriate commenting!

  5. Is this you recording away, Lloyd?

    If so, has anyone told you that you’re a ringer for Mackenzie Crook of The Office and Pirates of the Caribbean fame.

    Does the big or small screen beckon after your Podcasting efforts?

  6. Gawsh no! I know I have the voice of a young slender boy but this is the real me:


    So a bit more Ewen MacIntosh (Keith) than Mackenzie Crook, I’m afraid!

  7. Sorry – case of mistaken identity, assumed it was you recording your Podcast.

    Can that person really be listening to his MP3 player when Scoble’s talking? Bad netiquette I’m sure…

  8. I think it’s actually Kevin Anderson who has blogged for the Beeb (the proximity of Jo Twist is another clue – see his link on the attendees page).

    In another picture from ben metcalfe there’s a mic visible so I infer that they were recording too. I haven’t listened to Kosso’s version of the Scoble speech, so maybe this comes at the end, or maybe they were doing something for later broadcast.

  9. This is very entertaining. Almost like I was there. Love the Seattle Girl who’d been punting on the Cam–obviously a very happy traveller. Good plug for the podcast/flickr combo as well. Also love the way people describe themselves.

  10. Neal, you know that that Seattle Girl is Mrs Scoble? She was an absolute scream (literally!) It was worth going just to hear what he really means when he says in his blog “Maryam’s screaming at me to stop blogging and get in the car”

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  13. The recording in my picture was done for the “Up all night” Radio 5 Live show by Kevin Anderson (pictured).

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