First public servant podcast over on Public Service Conversations

Last week, I published my first interview with a UK public servant, which is to be part of the offering of Public Service Conversations. I spoke to Liz Railton, who is Deputy Chief Executive of Essex County Council

I’m very pleased with how it turned out as a first go, but I’m making the audio (31 mins 10.7MB) availabe here as well to spread the word and to get some more feedback (the level of subscription to the Public Service Conversations feed is relatively small) particularly from those who know podcasting well, but are less intimate with British public services.

I have another interview in the can, awaiting approval. Before I do anymore it would be good to know what people think of this one.

What do you think of this as an idea? How do you find it as a podcast? Do you think it’s worth continuing with? What questions would you have liked me to ask Liz in addition to what we talked about?

4 thoughts on “First public servant podcast over on Public Service Conversations”

  1. Of course I listened to this the first time it came out. I didn’t comment then, because public service in Britain isn’t my bag, baby. However, I did enjoy this interview–I especially loved the moment when you asked Liz about her childhood. As a listener I was wondering how such a bold question pertained to the matter at hand, but it did and the resolution was that much mroe interesting. However the rest might have been spoken in Urdu as far as the Chef is concerned–there was little or no mention of food. . . . ;-} Your style as an interviewer is coming along nicely. I am envious: I have three interviews I want to do, just don’t have the nads to approach my subjects and do them. . . .Definitely interesting, and worth doing more of, IMHO.

  2. Neal, I’m glad you’ve commented now, thank you. It didn’t seem so odd or bold a question at the time, but listening back, I know exactly what you mean, it seems to come out of the blue and is suddenly very intimate.

    I shall work references to food in occasionally and I expect you to only comment when I do – just to see whether you are listening to every one or not!

    Thanks for another dollop of encouragement, it means a lot to me.

  3. Hi Lloyd

    I listened to your interview with Liz and suddenly found myself fascinated by the challenges of managing social services. Bit of “a Sunday morning watching Open Univesrity on TV” moment for me.

    For the audience you’re targetting I’m sure it was pitched just right, but I did kind of wish there were some more practical, human interest stories that illustrated how Liz had affected change for the good. Of course, I realise that confidentiality probably prohibited any such examples.

    Anyway, I’m sure once the word gets out public sector conversations will be a great success.

    Best wishes


  4. Alex, wow, if it passes the Open University test I’m really very pleased indeed!

    I agree about the level of detail. As I’m sure you know, it’s really difficult to get right, but this suggestions of some illustrations is very useful and I’ll see what I can do. I have to admit that I’ve done minimal preparation for any of these and some thinking beforehand would certainly help with this sort of thing.

    Always great to get feedback – thanks.

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